Increase Access to Swimming

The Why

Western New York has the swimming facilities, but lacks the programming.

The lifeguard shortage in WNY remains a major issue for youth sports every year. We believe developing a collaborative system that involves city-wide swim instruction, both indoors and outdoors, and programming with a competitive swim component can be the linchpin to producing better swimmers and confident lifeguards.

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increase access to swimming

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What We Are Doing

Project Play WNY is creating a strategy group that will use a collective impact strategy to address the lack of swim programming and the lifeguard shortage issue. The group is currently made up of WNY youth sports organizations, community centers, local foundations, city parks and local schools, as well as national organizations such as USA Swimming, Total Aquatics Programming and the National Pool and Spa Association.

Contact us

If you are a youth sports organization interested in collaborative work to facilitate programming for sports sampling, please email inquiries to